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Thou shall help other bloggers

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Homeless. Almost.

From time to time one is required to help others. And this is the case today for me. Marcel, the author of one of the German blogs I read, is looking for an appartment in Hamburg, preferably through flat share.

If anyone of my few but beloved readers has any suggestions, leave Marcel a comment or contact him elsewise. It’s much appreciated!

Thanks for now, I’ll talk to you soon 🙂

Written by Henning

May 24, 2008 at 11:27 am


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Copyright: © 2007 by SPIELBANK HAMBURG. All Rights Reserved.

Last night was a great night. Me being in Hamburg at the moment, we went to the Casino Esplanade, located right in the center of Hamburg and only a few steps away from the famous Jungfernstieg and the Binnenalster. I know, this sounds like a commercial, and it is in a way. But only because I want to advertise this place, not because I get paid for it which I don’t. But anyways.

We went there because my mate Jan got about 45€ (≈ US$70) in chips for his birthday just a few days before. And since I would stay in Hamburg until Tuesday morning, I came with them, that being Jan, my mate Niklas, and two of their friends. We drove there by car, all of us dressed up in suits or at least really exalted clothings.

When we arrived I was completely blown away. This place is huge. And when I say huge I mean huge. It really looks like a castle or something or yeah, it rather looks like a real full-scale casino. I went in there with my sunglasses on (it was after midnight) and took them down right at the moment I started talking to the admission guy. He checked my passport and after I paid the 2€ (≈ US$3,10) entrance fee I was free to go.

I had never been to a casino before. It was all glamourous and upscale decorated, even in the ground floor where they had the one-armed bandits and the other childish stuff. No, I’m only kidding, it can be fun too I guess. But we went right upstairs to the second floor. There they had all the poker and black jack tables and the roulettes.

I have to say, I really felt kind of uncomfortable there during the first time. It didn’t feel like it was my thing really. I’m not the kind of a guy who does all those expensive things like, uhm, yeah, going to the casino probably. But it turned out to really being an “extremely enjoyable experience”.

Looking at all those rich people running around there was real fun actually. I remember one guy, probably the son of an Arab oil sheik or something, who constantly put another 500€ banknote (≈ US$780) on the table every five or ten minutes. Another one was probably drunk because he ran around shouting really loudly and asking people if they wanted to be sponsored by him. Crazy times.

But I for myself didn’t spend any money that night. Not because I din’t want to in the end, but because we left too early. OK, it already was 3 am at the time but that was the moment when I felt comfortable enough to do some roulette myself. The two hours before that moment I was only checking out the place and messing around with the people there. And of course I tried to get behind the game. Which I actually did – in my imagination I bet on the number 24. And then it actually appeared to be the number to be chosen by the roulette that turn. Betting only 2€ I could have won 70€ (≈ US$110). Too bad.

So, looking back at the event I really wanted to go to a casino again in the near future. And I knew that there was one in Leipzig, right next to the biggest cinema in town. But oh dear, what a crappy place this seems to be. They have no entrance fee, no dress code and, that’s the worst, no actual roulettes or poker tables but only gaming machines! What the bloody hell?! I can only imagine the people in there: random idiots clothed in bad hip hop outfits giggling in front of the fucking electronic roulette. What shitty place is that? And that’s the only casino in Leipzig! They don’t have another one!!!

Well, I’ll probably go in there one day impersonating a bloody rich snotty youngster from New York whose father is on a business trip to Leipzig. And then I’ll behave like a drama queen that they don’t have any actual cashiers and then they’ll fall down on their knees begging for mercy! YEAH!!!

Fuck Leipzig.

Hamburg rocks!

Written by Henning

May 18, 2008 at 7:55 pm