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“I can’t keep doing this on my own with these… people…”

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There Will Be Blood Title Treatment
Title Treatment | Copyright

A few days ago I finally watched the movie “There Will Be Blood”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and distributed by Paramount Vintage and Miramax Films, first released on December 26th, 2007 in the United States. It first came to my attention when I heard about the winners of the 80th Academy Awards, broadcast on February 24th, 2008. The movie received two oscars in total – the award for Best Actor went to protagonist Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview and Robert Elswitt received the oscar for Best Cinematography.

Now, over two months after the Academy Awards, I got to the point where I said: Peter, you have to watch this movie. That was mostly driven by the fact, that I wanted to see other movies starring Paul Dano whom I really liked in his role as Dwayne Hoover in “Little Miss Sunshine” (2006).

So, to give you a first impression of what “There Will Be Blood” is all about, take a look at the official trailer.

To make my point right here at the beginning: I absolutely loved this movie. Only very very rarely have I seen such passion in acting and impersonating as done by the actors in this movie, particularly by Daniel Day-Lewis as Daniel Plainview, Paul Dano as Paul Sunday and Eli Sunday (two roles) and Dillon Freasier as H.W. Those people have shown me, what passionate (and that means exhausting) acting is all about.

In an interview Paul Dano talked about his experience shooting the final scene of the movie:

“It started out quite fun and then it turned dark and emotional and then very scary. We did it without any constraints and suddenly I was dodging bowling balls and Daniel was coming at me pretty strong. It was very intense and exhausting and at times, terrifying.”

I can absolutely understand what he is talking about. Not only in that particular scene, but in almost every single part of the movie you can see, that they did it the raw way. They pull each other to the ground, they jostle the other one into the sludge – even if it is maybe just very good acting, you have the feeling that there is no safety net, no false bottom.

Daniel Plainview and H.W. on their way to the Sunday Ranch
Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis) and H.W. (Dillion Freasier) on their way to the Sunday Ranch | Copyright

I heard quite a lot of people saying that the movie was too long or it sometimes got boring over the time of its 160 min. But I have to disagree. I think that the quality of a movie does not depend on its length. The whole time I saw “There Will Be Blood” I was curious what would happen next. There was some kind of mystery around the whole plot that I could not understand, and still there is something I like about it but that I cannot define.

Interestingly enough, there is only one person in the whole movie that I can really sympathise with, and that is H.W., the adoptive son of Daniel Plainview. He is the only one, who really seems to be trying to “think with his heart”. Not only when he is young, but also when he is grown up and wants to leave his father.

There is probably much more to say about this movie but at the moment I can only quote Daniel Plainview: “I’m finished!” There are certain things about “There Will Be Blood” that I don’t understand, that frighten me in a way. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like them.

Go and watch it and find out yourself why you like or dislike it. I can only recommend it very very strongly.

Eli Sunday (Paul Dano) in \'There Will Be Blood\'
Eli Sunday (Paul Dano) in Plainview’s mansion | Copyright

If you want to watch “There Will Be Blood”, you can either purchase it or rent it through the U.S. iTunes Store, order or download it through Amazon (Affiliate Link) or, if you like, purchase it through someone else using e.g. Google Shopping.

Find out more about the movie “There Will Be Blood” on the official movie website.



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