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GoFetch_1: Cities

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Instant Soaking!!
Photo by elvis_payne. | This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

In Germany we do strange things. Not only on the streets and in our bedrooms, but also on the net, the German blogosphere. On of those strange things is to pretend being dogs. That means that for instance I put together a questionnaire or a list of tasks. Then I’ll send this “baton” (or “Stöckchen) what we call it here to a befriended blogger or someone whose answers or results I’m curious about. Basically it could be described as virtually playing “Go Fetch!”. And that’s what I’ll do today.

A lovely blogger from Germany named mrsundlr sent me a baton on the topic of cities. So, let’s give it a try!


To what cities have you been so far?
Uhm, well, those wouldn’t be too many. According to Facebook, where some time ago I already entered those information, I have been to the following major cities: Prague, Tallinn, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig (of course), Hamburg, Munich, Rome, Venice, Verona, Riga, Gothenburg and The Hague.

What city that you do not live in do you like the most?
Based on the cities I already visited and not the ones I would like to go to, I would either choose Tallinn or Hamburg. These are both absolutely stunning towns with amazing people and hundreds of beautiful sights. Unfortunately I haven’t been to Tallinn for a very long time so at the moment I would say that I like Hamburg the most.

What city didn’t you like at all?
Well, I think I can’t say that about any city. But I have to say that I wasn’t amazed by Munich at all. The people were strange (probably because they were Bavarian), I didn’t like the flair, only the food was really tasty. So, Munich, show me some more of you’re good sides the next time I come visiting you.

What means of transport do you use to reach other cities?
Well, obviously that depends on the distance. For example, I wouldn’t go to Rome by train but by plane, with Berlin it’s the other way round, in this case I would take the train which is a one hour trip. So, yeah, mostly train and plane, in some rare cases the ferry. And, oh yeah, this week I’ll try something new when I visit a friend in Hamburg for his birthday party: lift-sharing!

What cities do you still want to see
Uhm, yeah: New York, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Amsterdam and Dublin. There are probably many more cities it would be worthwhile to visit. But those are the ones that come to my mind right now.

Who gets the baton?
My two friends Lisa and Florian (both of you: take your time, I know you’re kind of busy).

And just a short reply to mrsundlr’s approach to me when he answered this questionnaire: I am not famous! If I was famous I wouldn’t crawl around here with you people! But at least I am a god which makes me happy in a way… 😉

Written by Henning

May 13, 2008 at 2:47 am